Brock responds to getting called an internet troll…

LOL, here we go again. More anonymity, people hiding behind screen names to call me an internet troll. You know that’s funny. The truth is, I don’t care what people think of me. I’m not afraid and not upset over internet anonymity. So you people can continue to talk trash about me anonymously and continue to make tabloids, all you want to. I will just continue to be myself as a person and will continue to say as I please.

I refuse to talk about my sex life with anybody ’cause it is no one elses’ business but my own. Most of the things people say about me is not true. I’m not gay, and not bicurious at all. I’m a woman lover, all the way, baby! 🙂

If you want to continue to anonymously attack me in facebook, twitter, or myspace, where ever, etc. Go right ahead. I thank you for the extra publicity ’cause you don’t realize that you are doing nothing but promoting me as a blogger, musician, and fitness person. The thing is, I don’t attack local bands anymore like I used to. I’m not that kind of guy anymore, but people will always find something to call me a “troll” about, no matter the situation. No matter how better of a person I become online. Just to make me look ridiculous and try to humiliate me online, for their own amusement. I become to realize that these are bored people looking for things to laugh at and poke fun of.

As far as me attacking that certain band that should be nameless goes, in reality, I don’t “hate” them and actually respect them in a way. I just want them to concentrate on their music and their own career. I don’t want them to make me look ridiculous in front of their fans/supporters. Come on dudes, be a professional, I know you’re better than this. I’m actually a good dude, if you treat myself with respect, I’ll treat you the same way. It’s simple as that. If you continue to do what you do is your anonymous bullcrap, then you people are definitely jealous of me for something. Not sure if you’re jealous of my music or fitness or a little bit of both or what, but keep in mind, I always tried to be cool with everyone. I think you do all this with a fit of jealousy rage, nothing more.

I don’t have time for internet games ’cause all I care about is two things: playing my guitar and working out. I will continue to be myself, no matter how many people whine and complain, I can’t please everybody.


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