This site will be my official site from this point on…

I’ve thought about making a different official site for my music only, but I think I’m just going to use this one. WordPress is my new home. I will find a domain name and could possibly name this site, “” if it’s available.

The thing is about my upcoming songs I plan to do, I’m not just going to do songs on politics and war only ’cause that would be boring if I wrote nothing but war songs. I decided that I’m going to do something more creatively with my music. I will write songs about stuff going on in the news, celebrity gossip, the entertainment industry, etc. Write my thoughts on entertainment in song just like I do here in this site. I just want to write songs about real things.

I’m getting serious with music again and want to get back out there. Yes, playing gigs again. First, I need to write new songs  ’cause I don’t want to continue to play the old songs at every gig. I’m hoping to get a band going together someday in the future so I can start playing at the full band rock clubs like the Putnam Den, Northern Lights, and King’s Tavern in a full band setting. Before I start auditioning for musicians, again, I need to have new songs first. Then a studio to record in.

What studio will I go for? I’m thinking about going for Marc Fuller’s studio, Edie Road.

I feel more comfortable playing electric guitar more than acoustic to be honest. Which is what made me want to do the full band thing. So I can get my start in playing in a full band. Experiencing it like the rest of ’em. I’ve been a part of the local music scene for years and many of my musician friends out there are in bands. Everytime I see a local band show, makes me wish I had a band. That’s what inspired me to get that same idea. The Brock to start my own band!

I’ll make it happen, it’ll take some time.


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