Who is the best online fitness trainer???

There seem to be quite a few fitness trainers on the internet that are becoming an online sensation. So far the ones that I could find that seem to be the most popular are Scooby’s Workshop, Scott Herman’s Fitness, Zuzana’s Body Rock TV “charliejames1975”, and Micah Lacerte’s “Hitch Fit”.

I will give each one a star review. * = means poor ** = means ok *** = means good **** = means excellent

Here are my honest thoughts on each one:

Scooby’s Workshop: Many of you know my thoughts on Scooby already. While some of his information can actually be helpful, he’s misinformed on a lot of stuff. He doesn’t have the greatest physique and his workshop seems to be more popular with kids & teens more than adults. He’s got quite a large fanbase, they all look after him like he’s some kind of hero. He wouldn’t have been this popular if he didn’t steal the name and the image after a legendary cartoon character, Scooby Doo. He likes to add humor to his workout videos by adding, Hans, who appears to be a toy gnome. His workshop is aimed at fitness people who don’t know what they’re doing and he wants to correct them. This guy Scooby, can be rude and negative in a lot of his videos. His screaming into a pillow thing is annoying and not funny. Score = *.

Scott Herman’s Fitness – This youtube channel would have to be my favorite. Why? His workouts and nutritional stuff is free to learn from. Scott Herman seems very friendly and gracious. He’s not brutally honest like Scooby is. Scott explains workouts and nutrition to make you understand him easier. When he teaches you workouts, he does ’em in perfectly good form. He’s a real professional as well. He’s got a great physique for a young dude like him. Pretty much all of his workouts really work and helpful. He seems down to earth and cool.  I would recommend looking after this guy. Score = ****

Zuzana’s Body Rock TV “charliejames1975” – This channel seems to be more directed at women, but a lot of her stuff can be helpful for men too. Her workouts are unique and different. She’s inspiring. Plus, she’s hot and sexy looking. Too bad though dudes ’cause look like she’s already married or something. Score = ****

Micah Lacerte’s “Hitch Fit” = His youtube channel is pretty cool and interesting, but my only problem with him that a lot of his workout lessons seems to be aimed more toward the experience and advanced bodybuilders. He doesn’t give anything on nutrition at all. When you go to the “Hitch Fit” website, you can see that his online training program is not free. He’s very expensive, it can cost you around 250 – 300  or way more to learn from him. You don’t really have to go for stuff like this, when you can lose weight and get ripped when not having to spend any money. Score = **

Hope this helps.


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