Brock praises the “Walking Dead” episode 3, it was better than the first two!!!

Wow!!!! I’m so blown away by the “Walking Dead” TV series so far as I have now caught up with the show last night. Saw the second and third episode on AMC last night. The episode “Guts” the second one was pretty good, but the third one, “Tell Them To the Frogs” was the best one yet! Over the years, most TV shows are crap and once in a while, a good TV show comes around. The “Walking Dead” is the best show on television. George A. Romero should take note on how to do the zombie thing ’cause Frank Darabont does it better.

The third episode had a good storyline and good acting with all cast members, especially to Michael Rooker, who plays the bad guy, and I was impressed with his acting the most. You would recognize Michael Rooker from the Stallone movie, “Cliffhanger”, which he is well known for. Michael Rooker plays Merie, who is an expert gunman and he hangs on the roof of a building shooting zombies with a sniper gun. When Rick Grimes and his friends reach the top of the building to hide from the chasing zombies, Michael Rooker’s character, Merie started harassing him and his friends, then he gets handcuffed by Rick and the gang just left him there, to go back to the camp site where Rick reunites with his wife and son there. While there, a bit of a love triangle soap opera starts between, Shane, Lori, and Rick. Shane and Lori had an affair together while Rick was out hunting zombies in the city trying to survive (Lori was Rick’s wife). Rick haven’t confronted Shane about Lori yet, but he will soon, I’m sure.

The “Walking Dead” is my new obsession and I’ll be watching every Sunday for sure. As you all know, I love horror and zombie fiction is my favorite. Out of all the horror TV shows from the past: “Tales from the Crypt”, “Tales From the Darkside”, etc. I would say, “Walking Dead” is the best horror TV show by far. It’s really shocking that AMC would air a show that is really bloody, and gory. The show won’t air nudity of course, but at least they don’t cut out the swearing and blood & guts.

You gotta wonder what Stephen King thinks about this show. I’m sure he is watching too. Stephen King will probably speak about the show soon when he writes to Entertainment Weekly again. Can’t wait to hear his thoughts!


One thought on “Brock praises the “Walking Dead” episode 3, it was better than the first two!!!”

  1. Kev,
    It DOES rock, and it wound up inspiring a friend of mine and I to get off our duffs and start writing out ideas/outlines for a zombie comic. I don’t want to go on about it too much because it’d be real embarassing to carry on about it and then nothing happens…but if it DOES get drawn and published, I will pass the word on to you.

    Steve G.

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