R.I.P.: Leslie Nielsen 1926 – 2010

Some very sad news to report in the world of entertainment. Comic legend, Leslie Nielsen passes away today. He is most famous for starring in films such as “Airplane” and the “Naked Gun” trilogy. Leslie Nielsen first began his acting career working for television, he got his start by starring in a TV show, called, “Television’s Golden Age” and went on to a major starring role in the classic sci-fi film, “Forbidden Planet”. In 1956, he made his acting debut for the big screen in a movie called, “Ransom!”. While he did work on a lot of films over the years, he didn’t become recognizable until the movie, “Airplane”, obviously. He also had a role in Stephen King’s, “Creepshow” directed by, George A. Romero. He became a household name when he did, “The Naked Gun” trilogy in the early 90’s. What else? He also played Dracula for, “Dracula: Dead & Loving It” and he was President Harris in “Scary Movie 3”.

One of my favorite projects he has done, was when he made his own videos spoofing professional golf with videos such as “Bad Golf My Way” and “Bad Golf Made Easier”. Leslie Nielsen was a hero and inspiration to me. I watched all of his movies and looked after him for years. He was such a talented and funny man. He will certainly be missed. May him rest in peace.


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