Report: Chuck Norris becomes real life Texas Ranger!!!

Former action movie hero and the star of the successful TV series, “Walker, Texas Ranger” goes from being a fictional Texas Ranger to real life Texas Ranger. Chuck and his brother Aaron, pictured above, were honoured by Governor Perry during a program they did in suburban Dallas. This was all because of the Kickstart Kids program which Chuck and his wife Gena has started. They are scheduled to give out awards to Davila Middle School Students Friday evening.

More on it, here.

Nice to finally see a recent picture of Chuck Norris! Notice he hasn’t changed a bit. Chuck is 70 years old, and he’s still looking like he’s frigging, 30!!! Plastic surgery Chuck? Wigs? Chuck is standing next to the guy with the white cowboy hat on.

Wonder if Chuck will make a comeback to acting, whether it’s for film or TV? Maybe he quietly retired from the entertainment business.

He has gained some weight, I can see, he’s pretty fat now.


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