Thought: More on why I avoid working out through fitness DVD’s…

Why do I avoid doing workouts through fitness DVD’s? Because the answer is really quite simple. It’s all pretty silly and lame. I don’t see how people can stand in front of a TV and follow the workouts by someone teaching you things. Plus, I don’t really care for these professional hollywood like fitness DVD’s with really good picture, boring music, and the coaches training the “actors” working out. I’m sorry but anybody that buys these things ’cause they’ve seen the advertisements on TV and on the internet, if they actually believe these workout programs work is a stupid idiot, in my opinion. I don’t put my money toward this stuff for a very good reason.

I mean, why would you want to go through your fitness life, living on these discs in your home? Wouldn’t it be more special to learn fitness your own way and be self taught? That’s where I come from. I want to do things my own way and my own style. I don’t need Tony Horton or Jillian Michaels telling me how to do things. I don’t need to work with famous fitness trainers who are not actually in front of you in person, yet, they are teaching you on the TV instead. See how silly that sounds? I would rather have real coaches. Fitness people with a lot of experience who are local tell me what to do. If I want to learn something new, I go to the gym owner in Greenwich, he’ll train me new workouts when asked.

Why do people go through nationally fitness lessons with Tony Horton, Jillian Michaels or Gunnar Peterson? It’s because people want to get that perfect hollywood body that they will never have. People think they will get that look if they get “10 Minute Trainer” or Pp90x”. A fantasy world, type of thing. Why support national fitness celebrity trainers, when you should be supporting local trainers? There are plenty of personal trainers around upstate NY that will be willing to help you lose weight and build muscle.

Also, there is a difference between being a BeachBody coach and personal trainer, both are totally different. In my opinion, don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t think the BeachBody Coach thing is real. You don’t actually become a real coach, it’s just an online fantasy thing, that’s the way I look at it. If I wanted to help people get fit and muscular, I would rather become a certified personal trainer instead.

Like I said in a post before, I learned fitness & bodybuilding through books, the internet (there’s a lot of free fitness websites on here), and I learned by watching other people in the gym. Sometimes people even teach me things. This is why I never go through those DVD sets that you see off advertisements. I can’t believe that people actually go through this shit. You don’t need to. I’m obviously no fan of TeamBeachBody. I even like to give people fitness tips & advice, but I just do it for fun, I don’t really plan to do it for money.

I’ll continue this topic tomorrow…


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