Studying music theory continues…

I now totally understand how the “CAGED” system works. You can play scales over chords, just by using that. I learned those 5 patterns of the major scale and put them together, so I can play them  up and down the neck, all over the fretboard. Whatever key the song is in, you can use the “caged” system. It’s just like any scale. All scales uses the caged system, not just the major. With this book, I’m learning through, I am now reading about chord harmony and triads. How chords and triads work with the 1,3,5 progressions. Learning riffs and licks with triads. Simple stuff to learn. The key to getting good at lead guitar and improvisation is learning music theory. This is pretty fun stuff to learn.

I’ll be ordering Jim Gillette’s “Vocal Power” DVD from Metal Method company this week ’cause I’ve also been looking into learning to sing better like I said before. As you can see, I’m learning to improve both guitar and vocal to a more professional level.


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