Getting big chest pecs is probably the most challenging of fitness…

Yes, I would love to get big and massive wrestler size pecs like a lot of men do…but, it’ll take years for me to get there. I try to find different ways to get bigger pecs. I’ve tried bench pressing with a barbell a little bit, but I find that workout boring and overrated. I try to stay away from benching. I try to find creative ways to get bigger chest pecs, by doing dumbbell presses on a bench, incline/decline dumbbell presses or flies, cable cross overs and all that stuff. I’ll mix it up by lifting heavy or light for one day a week, and give the chest a full week rest and the workout the pecs again. It seems to be working as the chest is slowly growing and shaping up. The best thing to do to get bigger pecs is to keep doing what I do. I need bigger pecs so my physique can look right. Trying the best I can though. When the Winter is over, and the Spring is here, I’ll post new progress pics in the future.

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve been bodybuilding. So I’m doing good, no serious injuries or nothing. People mistakenly think that bodybuilding is dangerous, but once you get into it,  you’ll realize that the sport is very safe and very easy. The only thing dangerous about the sport is doing workouts wrong and in terrible form.

I’ve been going to the new Greenwich YMCA in town for the past couple of days. I love the Greenwich Y better than the other gym. Better equipment, the staff is very friendly and professional. I’m so glad Greenwich has a Y now. It’s awesome. It’s what the community needs. The Greenwich Y has gotten popular very quickly, it’s always busy every time I work out there. The Greenwich Y has all the bodybuilding and fitness equipment, except they don’t have kettle bells, workout balls (stability balls, medicine balls, etc.), and they don’t have work out mats yet. The place is new and I’m sure they’ll be getting the rest of it soon, but all the machines are really nice, and they have a great free weights collection too. The Greenwich Y is my new permanent workout home. I’ll be going there tomorrow to train the triceps.

I’m not sure if the Greenwich Y allows video cameras there, I’ll have to find out. I would like to video tape my work out routines at the Greenwich Y, if they let me, I’ll start video taping. If they don’t allow video cameras, I won’t bother.


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