Thought: I think it’s a possibility that Charlie isn’t really clean!

When Charlie Sheen claims he’s clean and not on drugs currently, do you believe him? After seen the last few “Sheen’s Korner” videos, you can tell he’s on to something. The way he speaks and the way he moves his head a lot. Notice his head shakes sometimes when he’s speaking. He looks very nervous at times too. It might be possible that he could be lying about being clean. Maybe this is why he refuses to get help when offered?

He’s definitely a heavy smoker ’cause every video he’s smoking a cigarette.

Sheen is only famous for being famous. He was born into fame because his father, Martin is an actor too. Martin is the one that got Charlie a cameo for “Apocalypse Now”, Charlie’s acting debut.


Edit to add: The point of this post, what I’m saying, from what I’ve seen through those, “Sheen’s Korner” videos, is that he isn’t looking good at all, health wise. Scary stuff.

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