Report: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Dark Knight: Rises” character revealed, Juno Temple as a street-smart Gotham girl?

Wow, Christopher Nolan is on a roll. He’s a hard working man. Going back and forth from “Batman” and “Superman”. First Nolan hires Diane Lane and Kevin Costner for the new “Superman” flick. Next here comes two new castings confirmed for, “The Dark Knight: Rises”.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is indeed signed on to the new Batman flick, WB’s kept quiet on what role he will be playing, but his character has already been leaked to the web. Gordon-Levitt will be playing, the Holiday Killer, Alberto Falcone from, “The Long Halloween” graphic novel.

The role for Juno Temple is still being kept secret, but they gave us a clue that she will play a street-smart Gotham girl. That’s a hint that she’ll be playing a costumed character, either a villain or a hero.

See the full article at, Variety.

I was thinking Juno Temple will be playing Harley Quinn, but since the Joker won’t be coming back, it can’t be possible. Harley Quinn only works if Joker is around.

There are two other young characters in the Batman comics that she would be most fitting for. She could be playing Stephanie Brown, the female Robin or Batgirl. If you knew the Batman comics, Stephanie Brown was both Robin and Batgirl. I bet that’s who Juno will be playing, Stephanie Brown. Obvious prediction.

I have read, “The Long Halloween” graphic novel. I have it in my book collection. It seems Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy have been borrowing a lot of plot ideas from that novel. They still continue to borrow stuff too, I’ve noticed.


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