RIP: Phoebe Snow 1952 – 2011

Phoebe Snow, a legendary folk singer, most famous for her anthem song, “Poetry Man” died today, due to complications from a stroke she suffered last year. When she was a teenager, she bought a Martin 00018 acoustic steel string guitar and played almost every club in Greenwich Village in, New York City. The name Phoebe Snow is a staged name that was originally taken from a fictional character created by Earnest Almo Calkins as a way to help promote the Lackawanna Railroad.

In 1972, she was signed to a record deal when an A&R rep saw her perform at the Bitter End club in NYC. The A&R guy was so blown away by her performance that he signed her on the spot. Toward the 90’s and the 2000’s years, she appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show many times, and performed at his wedding. She also performed for Bill Clinton’s, Camp David in 1999. Phoebe Snow was 58 years old.


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