Trump vs. Barack part II

When The Donald is trying to expose Barack Obama of not being a US citizen, that makes it hard to believe that he has a white mother as a biological Mom. Barack might be hiding something from his past that he doesn’t want the public to know about. The Donald wasn’t the first person to try to expose Barack of his citizenship, Hillary Clinton tried to expose him by suing him for it. She sued him to prevent him from running for president because she wanted to find out that he wasn’t born in the US.

Of course, the Obama supporters out there will believe in his family history and believe everything is real. You can’t trust everything and you can’t believe everything you see.

I’m siding with the Donald, all the way. I truly believe Obama is a fake, a fraud, and he’s the last guy you want to trust as President. This is a guy who had a past of working with a terrorist group with William C. Ayers. Here is a guy who has done nothing to make the economics better and there has been no “change”. Here is a guy who just ended the Iraq war and kept the Afghanistan war going. Here is a guy who got the “Noble Peace Prize”, when he hasn’t done anything and I can think of other people who deserved that award more.

Barack is a monster, and he is evil. Worse than President W. Bush. Donald Trump is not the only president hopeful that gets on Barack all the time. Sarah Palin, who I still support, still gets on Barack too.

I totally believe in the Donald and I think he did a great thing. The Donald is getting my respect even more.


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