Cool Video: President Barack Obama finally responds to the Donald at correspondents dinner…

So, the Donald wants a war with our President? Well he officially got one! At the Correspondents dinner at the White House SNL’s Seth Myers hosted this event, and Barack Obama himself brought out some humor to the crowd. He took shots at the Donald, while the Donald himself sat in the audience listening to Barack’s speech. Barack bashed the hell out of Donald in return. It’s actually pretty funny stuff, I even laughed.

You can see the Donald in the audience laughing himself. Is that a sign that the Donald doesn’t really have bad blood against Barack like I said before? Could be. I kind of had a feeling that Donald Trump never really hated Barack Obama, the Donald just did it to hype up the possibility of being in the election. I’m sure Barack and Donald both respect each other.

Don’t be surprised Donald will pull a speech of his own to bash Barack in return later this week. I’ve always liked the Donald. I find him funny and entertaining.


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