Report: “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” re-boot gets writers…

GK Films has hired new writers, for the upcoming “Tomb Raider” re-boot. They have hired, Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby, who brought us “Iron Man” and “Cowboys & Aliens”.

Deadline, reports.

I usually disagree with re-boot films but this franchise needs to start over again ’cause the last Tomb Raider movie was pretty bad. I liked the first “Tomb Raider” film but the second one sucked.

The movie needs to be more like the video games. Have Lara solve mysteries and puzzles in historical places. It needs to have a good story and great action scenes.

I still say Rhona Mitra should be the new Lara Croft for the live action movie. She did the voice overs for the video games. I love Tomb Raider games. Especially the last one, “Tomb Raider: Underworld” which is the best Tomb Raider game ever, I think. She’s like a female version of Indiana Jones but a little different.

I hope the new movie will have Lara climb really high things much like the games. That’s what makes the games so much fun and addicting because Lara can do cool things. I hope they do a good job with the movie next time around. I want a good Tomb Raider flick like everyone else.

Hopefully they don’t just make it a popcorn action flick full of violence and CGI effects. This should be a serious Tomb Raider movie with a good story.


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