Bin Laden enjoys watching himself on TV…

I guess Bin Laden is loving all the publicity he gets in the news. He killed people because he enjoyed it, and you clearly see it here. Here he is watching himself of a news report on TV. Not showing a sign of emotion, look like he is enjoying himself. Wrapped up in a blanket. It must be cold in that house if he has no heat.

Why couldn’t he have a fireplace or have gas heat? Well if he had gas heat, he would have to pay the bills and he could be easily be traced that way. Plus, if he had fire to get warmed up, he would get found in the mountains with all the smoke in the air.

He must have cable TV if that is a cable box next to the TV set or is that satellite?

This is pretty unfair  and hypocritical if Washington D.C. is allowed to release this but they won’t release the pics of his dead body.

More on the story, here.


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