Cool Video: Showtime finally reveals teaser for “Dexter – Season 6” this fall…

Showtime dropped this video teaser on the Dexter facebook page today. They tease Season 6 as “Hell Breaks Loose”. Does this mean we’re going to get an angry Dexter who goes on a murderous rampage in the worse ever possible? Sounds like it.

I just started watching Season 4 on DVD. When I finish Season 4, I’m going to have to order the Showtime channel for my DVR box ’cause I don’t have Showtime yet. I will catch up with Season 5 on the Showtime – On Demand thing. Season 5 should be coming out on DVD/Blu Ray this Summer now that Season 6 have finally been announced.

I’m such a huge fan of the show. Other than HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”, Showtime’s “Dexter” is pretty high on the list as one of my favorite TV shows. I just don’t want “Dexter” to end. I hope the show will last for a long time and hope “Season 6” won’t be the final season. I think the show will be around for a long while. As you can see “Dexter” is the most talked about show on the internet. That’s how I got into the show ’cause everyone was talking about it online and I became interested. Glad I finally got into Dexter. Smart storytelling, Melissa Rosenberg is a great writer.


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