The Donald drops out of presidential race!!!

The Donald himself dropped a major bombshell today that he’s not running for president. He said he’s not ready to give up his empire for a president run. I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping he would go for it, but I think it’s obvious that he did this as a smart way to help promote, “The Celebrity Apprentice”. Whether you like the Donald or not, you should still give him some credit. He already started his presidential campaign early which got a lot of attention and then he went after Obama. He did things that no one else could have done in the political world, like trying to force Obama to release his birth certificate. You can’t deny that what Trump did Obama was impressive. I was hoping Trump would face off Obama in the presidents debates and look like that won’t ever happen now.

Ah well.

We can hope that Sarah Palin will make her announcement soon, on whether she will run for president or not. She hasn’t confirmed anything yet. I pray that she will go for it. I don’t care what the haters say, I just love Sarah. She’s an inspiration to me. She stays true to our country and stays true to the constitution. We’ll wait and see.


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