Being an asshole will get you no where in music…

A lot of musicians are assholes. There are plenty of ’em out there. Why do musicians act this way? It’s because a lot of them love themselves. It’s an ego thing. All musicians are different. Some musicians can be nice, friendly and down to earth. Some can be assholes. When you try to talk to musicians at gigs, some just don’t care to talk to ya or just downright rude. Musicians can be assholes online as well. Life is too short to be an asshole and I don’t understand why people need to be one.

It doesn’t make your career better. Being an asshole in music, doesn’t make you new fans. You can also lose fans & supporters. Venues could ban you from getting booked there again. This is called, “karma”. It will get you later.

I was never an asshole in music. I only called out the ones who acted like an asshole. That was all I did. Having a bad attitude in music doesn’t do you any good. There are too many musicians that are critical of others and they just need to shut their mouths and keep opinions to themselves.

When you want to have a successful career in music, you can’t be an asshole. Period. You have to be a 100% professional 24/7. This post isn’t aimed at anyone in particular, this post is aimed at all musicians.


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