Tomorrow is a big release day!!!

Two HUGE releases are set for tomorrow. Yes, the “Superman – The Motion Picture Anthology” comes out on Blu Ray (It’s for Blu Ray only, the new “Superman” set won’t be available for DVD, I don’t think) and “Duke Nukem Forever” video game both hits the shelves tomorrow.

Yes, I plan on getting both of these. I will get the “Duke Nukem” game first sometime this week.

I do plan on getting the “Superman” Blu Ray set but I’m going to wait for several weeks to save up cash for it, ’cause obviously the “Superman” Blu Ray set is very expensive. I really want it really fucking badly though ’cause you all know that I’m such a die hard Superman fan. The Superman set looks fantastic. The Superman set doesn’t only have the 5 Superman films which includes Bryan Singer’s “Superman: Returns”, it also has a bunch of Superman animated films and a few documentaries. Plus I heard the sound and the picture of the 5 films is way better than regular DVD. I’m so definitely getting the Superman set sometime, not right now though.

I’m excited for “Duke Nukem”. Glad the release date is staying for June 14th and not being pushed back anymore. The game is finally here! I fuckin’ love “Duke Nukem”, man. Used to be obsessed with the older games back when I was in high school. Used to play the older games on the PC for hours.

The new “Duke Nukem” game will probably sell pretty well. So will the new Superman Blu Ray set.I am noticing that Blu Ray discs are becoming way more popular than regular DVD’s. DVD sales are dropping while Blu Ray sales are going up. I would like to start a Blu Ray collection and buy more but they are pretty pricey. I want to get the Superman Blu Ray so maybe that’ll be the start of my Blu Ray collection. I do have a few Blu Rays. The only Blu Ray discs I have in my movie collection are “WWII in HD” and “Memento – 25th  Anniversary”. I could buy all my favorite movies on Blu Ray and sell the same film on DVD to get rid of it.

I’m just waiting for the prices on the Blu Ray discs to drop down. The prices will drop, the more popular Blu Ray gets, just give it time. It will happen.That’s what happened with DVD when DVD first came. DVD’s were very expensive when they were first invented but DVD prices dropped the more popular they get. Same will happen with Blu Ray.


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