Explaining my passions in things…

I like to do so many different hobbies & activities, because I try my best to stay active and I need to be inspired by doing different things in life. A lot of people out there will spend most of their time partying hard and drinking alcohol but not me. I like to do good things.

Here’s a list explaining my passions…

  • Fitness/Bodybuilding – I’ve had an interest in bodybuilding for years, and I finally got into it full time 3 years ago. As everyone knows, Arnold and Sly inspired me to get into it. Fitness and bodybuilding is so mainstream right now, everyone is into it. So I figure, I would get into to it too. Change my lifestyle and try to get the body that everyone wants. I don’t have the look where I could be called an official, “bodybuilder” yet, but that is my goal. I want that look too, but it’ll take some time. I got a lot of work to do in order for people to start calling me an actual, “bodybuilder”.
  • Music/Guitar playing – Music’s been in my blood ever since I was a child, I first started playing guitar at the age of 18. It was Jimmy Page that got me to pick up the guitar. I love music because it helps me get away from everything else in life and gets my mind off of everything. Music makes me feel better. That’s how powerful music really is. I love all kinds of music, but I mostly like rock n’ roll and metal. Anything with kick ass guitar playing, I’m a fan.
  • Reading – Reading books or magazines is something I do, when I want to have some peace and quiet for myself. If I don’t feel like do anything else, I’ll read a book or a magazine. Things I like to read are mostly horror & crime fiction. I also like to read anything about music and guitar instruction. I also like to read celebrity autobiographies as well.
  • Movies – A lot of people know I am a movie buff. I just love movies. I enjoy watching movies a lot because I like storytelling. I also enjoy watching the creative talent of other people through the actors and directors. I like to be entertained like everyone else.
  • Video games – Just like with music, I’ve always been a die hard video gamer. I like video games ’cause they help you think. They’re inspiring. I like the creative art with video games as well. The games I mostly like to play are action/adventure, first person shooters, and sometimes car racing games.
  • Professional wrestling – As a lot of people know, I have a huge passion for the wrestling business. A lot of people wonder why and people find it weird, but I don’t care what other people think. Wrestling is entertaining to me and I respect the performers, because they work their ass off for what they do to entertain people. Wrestling may not be for everyone but you should give these guys the respect they deserve too. It maybe fake, but at least they perform these shows live in person, there’s nothing fake about that, right? Think about it.
That’s it. Hope you enjoy.

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