Got my Ibanez acoustic all fixed!!!

Today, I just got my Ibanez acoustic back from Parkway Music. My Ibanez acoustic/electric works perfectly fine now. It’s like new again, the way it’s supposed to. I’ll be sure to take better care of this guitar so it won’t happen again. The repair cost was very cheap too. Glad I got my acoustic back to working. Now I’ll be able to plug in and rock out.

I still play my Ibanez Hollow Body electric. I just want to have both an acoustic/electric and the regular electric. I’m going to try to start writing some new songs now that I got my acoustic back. Feels good. Thanks Parkway, that’s a great guitar shop. The best guitar shop in the area for sure.

Since it was a rainy day today, I decided to start the game, “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”, and it’s a pretty sick game so far. It’s really hard and challenging though, but I’m getting the hang of it. When I complete, “Deus Ex”, I’ll give it a full review.


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