Troy Davis executed…was he really innocent???

So the big news now is that Troy Davis, was put to death by injection at 11:08 in Georgia, for the murder of a police officer back in 1989. The whole world agreed that Davis was innocent and everybody wanted him freed.

I don’t know much about the Davis case, but I gotta say this, you can’t immediately think he is innocent just because others say so. Do I think he’s innocent? I don’t know. I wasn’t there at the day the crime happened. I never witnessed it and neither did anyone else. It happened years ago. So how do we all know what happened?

He was found guilty and they wouldn’t free him for a reason. You can’t say he’s innocent just because Davis maintained his innocence. The guy could be evil and he could be trying to get away with murder.

Officer, Mark McPhail’s family are probably relieved that he’s gone now. It was right for his family, friends and fellow police officers who respected the man. Those who thought he was innocent disrespected McPhail and his supporters. McPhail was an innocent man who was shot to death, sacrificing himself to save other people’s lives.

I’m not saying he’s guilty, but the execution was the right thing to do. They had to do things by the books.

Yep, lets think all criminals are innocent and lets free them. The West Memphis Three guys should take note on this.


One thought on “Troy Davis executed…was he really innocent???”

  1. Another wrongfully-executed victim imo, thousand done already. Time will tell the truth and this execution will make the surviving family members all millionaires, just like in other cases after the facts come out from the upcoming lawsuits. But, I believe the strongest way to prevent the wrong-doing by the state again is for someone to publicly disclose the individual people involved in this case from a prosecutorial-side, get a list of whereabouts for each person, their time schedules, their families time schedules and locations and let true justice prevail by the public concerned in this case.

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