What I’ve been doing this weekend…

On weekends, I usually take the entire weekend off of fitness and going to the gym. I even don’t do any cardio on Saturdays – Sundays either. It’s good to take a couple of days off a week from the gym, to give more time to heal and rest. That’s why I do it.

I spent most of the weekend, playing the new “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” game. I can’t stop playing and already addicted. So far, it’s a really impressive game. I’m loving it, but the thing is, I think this is the most challenging game I’ve ever played. I’m usually good at all games I play, but this one is a bitch. I’m getting the hang of things though.

I also want to get the game “Dead Island”. I will get that game too someday but I’m going to wait to finish, “Deus Ex” first, then I’ll buy, “Dead Island”. I like to complete one game at a time. Once I start a game, I need to finish it completely.

I did watch UFC 135 last night. The main event with Jon Jones vs. Rampage Jackson was a boring fight, but all the other fights were good though. Only thing though, I’m going to have to stop getting UFC ppv’s. The prices for UFC ppv’s are too high for my tastes, they’re like $55 for each ppv. They’re getting too pricey for one person to get monthly. If I’m going to get Showtime for “Dexter”, I need to stop  getting ppv’s so my cable bill won’t be so high. Dexter “Season 6” premieres next Sunday night, so hopefully I’ll get Showtime before then.

Just bored on a Sunday night, sitting here while there is a football game on TV.


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