15 Things That White Guys Love to Do On Facebook…

There is this blogger in wordpress that came up with this interesting post in which she titled it, “15 Things That Girls Love to Do On Facebook“. That post is becoming a bit of an internet sensation as it’s becoming pretty popular. Well, I think I’m going to challenge that blogger and try to compete with her a bit, by listing 15 things that white guys like to do in facebook.

Here’s what I can come up with:

  1. They love to talk about politics – This is the most  popular thing that goes on with guys in facebook. There are political discussions all over. I try not to get into politics discussion as much as I used to, I think I’m finally starting to get bored of it.
  2. They love to talk about the sports they’re watching on TV – Whether it’s NFL football, baseball or UFC, they would put up status’s announcing what they’re watching and rooting who they’re going to win. They also like to make fun of sport athletes who sucks and all that stuff.
  3. They take shirtless pics of themselves and throw it on facebook – I’m kind of guilty on this one, I’ll admit it. I need feedback on my progress photos, that’s why I do it.
  4. They put up status’s full of profanity, ranting about how they’re having a bad day – I see this everyday.
  5. They love to give women positive feedback on their sexy photos – When women post up photos showing their cleavages or if they’re in a bikini, the guys would be all over it. Nothing wrong with that, ’cause I do it too.
  6. They love to express their love publicly to their significant others – To the guys that have wives or girlfriends, I see this everyday. Men putting up romantic status’s aimed at their partners. Seeing all that is making me wish, I have a girlfriend.
  7. They post up drunk status’s during or after a party, or even worse, they post up photos of them holding up a beer – You see this on a regular basis as well. Just wait until the New Year’s Eve comes.
  8. They love to post Youtube videos of their favorite songs – Guys like music. Rock & metal is the most popular genre being posted by them though. Sometimes I’ll see them post rap and other genres.
  9. They love to joke around with their friends – A lot of them like to make fun of each other just for laughs, it gets the women going.
  10. When women get a divorce or go single after a relationship, the guys will start hitting on her – You see this all the time in facebook as well. I believe when guys try to become friends with a woman who is already in a relationship or married, that means they have a secret crush on her, so they wait for her to go single. Usually when the women go single after a relationship, it’ll get the guys talking.
  11. They love to bash famous musicians & celebrities they hate – Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nickelback, Justin Bieber, Jersey Shore cast, etc. You get the deal here.
  12. They love to talk about going to the gym – Before they hit the gym, they put up stuff, like “Going to the gym”. They know they have no reason to post that stuff up there, they do it ’cause they love the attention around people being proud of them. I’m guilty of this myself.
  13. They love to talk about everything they do in their lives – Whatever they’re doing throughout the day, they’ll post everything they’re doing. Whether they’re going shopping, partying or just for a ride, they’ll put it up there.
  14. They rant about how terrible women are in relationships or complain they don’t have a girlfriend yet – You see this with single guys pretty often.
  15. They complain how they have insomnia and can’t sleep – What’s with all the “can’t sleep” posts lately? I sleep every night, so I certainly don’t have insomnia, lol.

I hope I covered everything, feel free to add to the list if you come up with anything.



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