Writing and recording again…

All weekend I’ve been writing and recording. Feels so good to finally get motivated into songwriting again. Love it. What I plan to do is write a bunch of new originals, and pick the best ones to release publicly. I’m serious on my change of music. I plan to make my lyrics positive & more family friendly, that means getting rid of the swearing as well. Shorter lengths of songs, no longer than 7 minutes. Try to make my songs more catchier. See what kind of response I get.

All bands & musicians want to change & evolve as they go forward, the same goes with me. I want to change & evolve with my music too.

I probably going to get my new demo out sometime in 2012. Maybe sometime in the Spring. I want to make good music too that everyone can appreciate, so hopefully I get a better response to my songs, next time around. There’s going to be a lot more slow ballads, ya know, mellow stuff. Of course, there will be some upbeat acoustic rock.

So far, I wrote and recorded 4 new originals over the weekend and I’m proud of them. Believe it or not, I do have my own following of fans who actually do enjoy my music and that’s what I’m doing this for. It’s for them. The true fans. I do have supportive people who like my tunes. Not just other musicians, I get actual music fans too.


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