Bodybuilders with scoliosis…

A lot of people mistakenly think that people with scoliosis shouldn’t get into bodybuilding and weightlifting. Why do they think that? It’s because they have a fear of lifting heavy would damage the spine. They fear that lifting weights will make the curvature of the spine curve even worse. They also fear that it could break their backs with heavy lifting.

When I first started, I even had worries about all that stuff myself and started off with the safe and simple workouts before I got into all the challenging stuff like benching, leg press, and all that stuff.

I’m 4 years on in bodybuilding now, and I’ve never had any problems. The truth is, anybody can get into bodybuilding, no matter the body condition you’re in. I mean, hell, I’ve even seen guys in wheelchairs lifting weights in the gym, and old men on walkers too. Anybody can get into it.

I can understand why people with scoliosis have a hard time being accepted into the bodybuilding world. After a couple of years working out, I did get my x-ray done once just to check the spine of the rod to see if it got any more damage, but it didn’t get worse at all. It was still the same and fine.

Bodybuilding for people with scoliosis is pretty safe. I don’t think it harms the spine at all.

I mean, you have to look at Lamar Gant. Lamar Gant is a professional powerlifter, broke world records, and is in the Powerlifting Hall of Fame. Lamar is still alive as well. Even though he had a really bad curvature (look at pics in google), he was still able to become an amazing bencher and powerlifter. He became successful at it. So you have to say to yourself, “Hmmmm, if Lamar can do it, so can anybody”, right?

It’s all about finding the right workouts that is safe for you. I don’t think I’m going to do any squatting anymore, and I avoid deadlifting. Anything that looks risky and dangerous for my back, I won’t do.

So yeah, I know what is safe for me and what is not, so I’m all good. Anybody can get into bodybuilding. Doesn’t matter who you are.



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