Sinead O’ Connor continues to be an evil b**ch, what a c*nt she really is…

The controversial Irish singer/songwriter, Sinead O’ Connor, announced publicly on her website that she had ended her marriage with Barry Herridge, only being married for 18 days.

Sinead O’ wrote a really long blog post on her website explaining her actions. She says on her website that if her now ex-husband, Barry Herridge, stayed with her,  she claims he would lose too much and says he wouldn’t live a positive life with her. She also claims he was very unhappy.

Read her full blog, here.

I think she only said her side of the story on things. Trying to make this Barry fellow look bad publicly. She obviously thinks she’s more important than him since he’s not a famous person. That’s the price you get for marrying a famous person.

On top of all this, why would any man would want to marry Sinead O’, anyway? She’s nothing but a skinhead Nazi. Her views on politics and religion are also offensive.

I respect most talent in music, but there are a few music artists I can’t stand, and Sinead O’ is one that I hate. She always have been evil. Sorry to curse but she’s an egotistical bitch. Forget her, Barry, you’re better off without her. The guy can find himself a better woman now.

I don’t get into gossip, but I had to respond to this since it’s music related. She’s also a disgusting looking whore.


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