Report: And Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s opponent for May 5th is…

Miguel Cotto.

Manny Pac rejected Floyd’s challenge again, but my question is, why won’t Manny fight Floyd? Why is boxing keeping these two away from each other? Manny shouldn’t be afraid to fight Floyd and I’m sure Floyd is calling Manny a coward right now.

Miguel Cotto looks like a pretty tough dude. Looking at his record, he only has two losses. Hopefully, Miguel has what it takes to end Floyd’s undefeated streak. I doubt Miguel will beat Floyd ’cause it will probably be another victory for Floyd again. Floyd will figure out a way to beat him.

I won’t be watching this fight ’cause I don’t watch boxing anymore as much as I used to. If Miguel can actually beat Floyd, that would be amazing but I don’t think it’ll happen.

Even though I don’t watch boxing anymore, I still like the sport and still respect it.


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