The disrespect and hate toward Whitney Houston, about her drug problems…

I am disgusted and pretty offended at all the hate and negativity toward Whitney Houston online, lately. People post a lot of hateful comments about her drug & alcohol addiction in her past. When that Chris Cornell “I Will Always Love You” tribute surfaced online, people were saying a lot of shit that Chris shouldn’t have done it because she was a drug addict. I mean, really? Do people have to be this hateful?

If I remember correctly, when Ike Turner died, I’ll never forget that everyone actually sent their condolences online about him and respected him. He died of a cocaine overdose, yet everyone still saw him as the music god he was.

Now, what’s wrong with this picture?

No matter what you all think of Whitney Houston, despite her personal problems, she was and “STILL IS”, a music legend. Period.

I’m watching her funeral on CNN as I type this, and it’s pretty heartbreaking.

Don’t always blame it on drugs, people. It’s just wrong and totally unfair. You wouldn’t be saying this stuff, if you had a family member that had a drug addiction problem. She was a music icon and a genius in the pop music world.

Grow up and respect the woman.


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