Lets focus on positive things about Whitney Houston…

Enough talk about drugs & death, lets talk about positive things about the iconic pop star.

What will the music industry have in store us in the future? I’m sure Whitney has plenty of unreleased songs and rarities that were thrown out over the years and I’m pretty sure the industry are going to release some of them. Maybe Whitney even recorded a new album before her passing, who knows?

We all know that she just completed a new film before her passing called, “Sparkle”, which I’m sure the movie industry will release that as soon as possible.

It’ll be interesting to see what the music industry will do. She maybe gone, but her music lives on, love her or hate her. I picked up her double “Greatest Hits” album just so I won’t own her regular albums. I’m sure the industry will release another “Greatest Hits” album sometime this year.

The industry will still keep her legacy alive. There’s probably going to be a big tribute concert for her too with all sorts of famous artists covering her songs.


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