My goal with my music…

While I don’t really care to get huge & popular with my music, I do hope to get some recognition, at least. I believe I’ve been an overlooked musician for years. I would like people to accept me as a musician more, and hopefully recognize the talent that I believe I have. I’m not trying to sound like an ego-maniac or anything.  I try my very best.

I’m trying very hard to improve the singing, guitar playing and the songwriting. My goal with singing is to sing a little higher which is what I’m working on, sing with more control and more emotion. I’m also trying to improve guitar playing, working hard at both.

What I’m trying to prove to people that I can be an actual “musician”, and not just a hobbyist/amateur.

The “Rebel, Rebel” cover song is coming along well, I believe I can pull the song off just fine. I’ll upload the video when I’m ready to record,  just need to rehearse it more.


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