Still being unemployed sucks, but all you can do is live life the best you can…

The economy sucks so bad right now, there are no jobs out there. I’m not the only unemployed person. There are too many unemployed people out there. Many folks got laid off of jobs, and to the people that are still working their paychecks maybe getting cut and all that stuff. That’s how bad the economy is getting. During the last election, Obama promised us that he will revive the economy. That’s why he got elected. Well, he did nothing, and the economy is much worse than before.

I’ve tried looking in the classifieds, the NY Department of Labor, and other websites on the internet. There’s nothing out there.  I even tried sending in a few applications at a few local business’s in my hometown but got nothing back from them.

While the job thing maybe tough, the best thing you can do is live life the best you can. Stay strong and be happy. That’s all you can do these days. A lot of people would get depressed or even suicidal when they can’t find work. Not me. I’m going to stay strong and positive.

The Ultimate Warrior’s “It Does Matter” videos is inspiring me that life can be great. With the Ultimate Warrior’s “OWN” campaign he started, he just wants people to have the best life possible. That’s the point with all his videos in his youtube channel. The Warriorman is not all about himself, he wants to help other people as you can tell. That’s why he’s an inspiration. He wants people to have a successful life even if times are tough these days.

Back with the economy, this is why I believe Rick Santorum would be the best choice for President. If he’s elected, the economy and jobs will get a lot better. He will do something about it. He seems pretty serious about it and I believe in him. People call Santorum crazy & insane, but I don’t see anything crazy about him. People call him crazy & insane without anything to back it up with, it’s just an opinion, that’s it. I believe Rick will win the GOP nomination as well, and he’s getting up there. Rick is the real deal.

In the past, I used to have no problem getting a job, but getting a job is so tough today, that’s what I call crazy. I’ll get a job at some point, hopefully this Spring/Summer. Maybe the job economics will pick up a little. I doubt it though.

Like I said in another blog post before, being unemployed isn’t so bad. You can still live a great and happy life.


One thought on “Still being unemployed sucks, but all you can do is live life the best you can…”

  1. The economy is in much better shape than before. Go research the data. What specific Santorum economic policies have you confident he will improve things?

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