Yes, I am aware that I’m not going to be liked by some and be made fun of by people, I don’t need to be reminded of it…

For the last several years or more, I have been a huge target of haters & doubters on the internet. People would try to do all kinds of shit and do all they can to piss me off. They would try to start anonymous myspace/facebook pages or even twitter pages too just to try to anonymously harass me or even worse, pretend to be me. People would even go as far as making negative youtube videos about me or anonymous blogs.Other people would also even have the guts to NOT be anonymous, and attack me under their real names online in social networking sites. I am aware that I am not going to be liked and am aware that I’m going to be made fun of for your laughs & entertainment by other musicians and regular music fans.

While it is nice that people in my facebook page would point me out to all this and help me on this, I know my supporters have tried to defend me from all the negativity aimed at me, it still kind of bothers me and don’t really enjoy people trying to help me from the haters.

Thing is, I’m trying to live the best life possible. Live a positive life and leave all the negativity behind me. I don’t really need people helping me ’cause I’m adult enough to take care of myself. It’s just as simple as that. Why don’t I like people helping me? Well for one, it brings back the past, and I’m trying to leave the past behind me but of course, the past always have a way of coming back to you, no matter what happens. When people point me out that someone is bashing me online, I just kindly tell them, just let it go and I’ll ignore it.

No matter what people do to try and upset me, I’m never going to be hurt and upset. I’m a strong and tough SOB. I don’t let anything or anyone get me down. So I’m all good and cool. I am a pretty happy guy and will stay that way. Like I said, I’ve been dealing with all this hate & negativity for the past 7-10 years, so I’m pretty used to it by now. You just got to learn to ignore it and be strong.

The thing is, though, I must say that if this is kind of world we live in with all this drama and stuff, that is kind of sad. Coming from people who are adults, ya know? Some of you would know that I’m more adult acting than anybody out there. I think people hating on other people online is kind of good actually, because you know what that’s doing? All that doing is exposing themselves that they really are assholes. It’s how they are in the real world and off the computer. It does nothing but proves my point that some people can be douchebags.

When you want to be a musician or a blogger, put yourself out there for the whole world to see, you’ll have to understand you’ll get a mix of love and hate. I do have people online that are actually supportive of me and they do care, so I’m appreciative of that. I just want to focus on the positive and not the negative. If other people can’t be positive in return, then they must have some serious issues and obsession problems, if they continue this hate they can’t stop doing. I’m a nice guy, and can be a good person, if other people still can’t see that, I’m alright with that, ’cause like I said before, I can’t please everyone. Living a positive life is all I care about now.



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