Garageband recording day…

Hope you’re all having a good Friday. I sure am. I’ve been recording on Garageband on the Ipad, all day long. Yes that’s right, from morning ’til now. I’m done for the rest of the day though. Need to take a break from it. The song I’m working on is, “A Secret Hidden”, that electric guitar song I posted in youtube. I’m taking my time to make that song really good and not rushing it. It’s not done yet, though. I still have ways to go.

This song in a full band is every rock guitarists dream, wait until your hear it. I put in a pretty long guitar solo and everything. I’ll try to finish the rest of the song this weekend. If you’re wondering why my blog has been kind of slow, it’s because I’ve been busy working on music!

I’ll try to blog more this evening. I want to post my “Wrestlemania 28” predictions ’cause the ppv is this Sunday night, yes I’ll be watching it. Since Game of Thrones – Season 2 premiere airs this Sunday, I’m going to have to DVR  “Game of Thrones”, while I’m watching “Wrestlemania”.


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