Learning how to count rhythm, research…

Yep, I definitely need to learn how to do this stuff better if I want to improve for home recording or even play in a band. Like I said, I plan on buying a drummer’s book ’cause that will help. There are also all kinds of great instructional videos in youtube with musicians teaching you how to count different rhythm’s. This is one thing I really need to concentrate on, the most.

If I can understand timing and rhythm better, I’ll become a much better songwriter and guitar player. Wish I learned this stuff a long time ago. I didn’t think you need to learn it just being an acoustic solo act, but when you want to play in a band or record in the studio, gotta be good with the metronome. Plus, more people will give you more respect with your songs if you’re playing in time.


One thought on “Learning how to count rhythm, research…”

  1. Regarding your comment about how you can play differently as a solo acoustic performer vs. being in a band: It all depends on the drummer you have, man. For example, one of the drummers I played with HATED when I would hold a chord longer than usual. (He would say, “Maybe that worked when you played it acoustically, but it doesn’t work now.”) But my new drummer Brett doesn’t mind that at all. The hardest part of forming a band will be the audition period. You already have a ton of songs written (just like me), so you need to find people who don’t mind following your lead and contributing to music that was written longe before they came along. Yes, they should feel that they can voice their opinions if they think a certain section doesn’t quite work, but these are YOUR songs. Some people aren’t into that; they feel like they have no emotional connection to pre-composed tunes. It’s just a matter of finding the right people.

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