Haters are just gonna hate, pure and simple…

I’m always gonna get haters, no matter how apologetic I am and no matter how nice of a guy I can be. People are just going to hate, hate, hate. Why do some people don’t like me too much? I can think of several reasons why but the biggest reason, is that people who do nothing but hate, hate, hate, are usually people who don’t have much going on in their life. That is all they are going to do is hate, hate, hate.

So, why am I not a favorite by some?

The big reason is that a lot of people, don’t like the way I post online. My online discussions can be controversial at times and people get pissed when I have differences of opinion when it comes to entertainment news and politics. It seems that I’m only the bad guy when my thoughts are different than everyone else’s.

Another reason could be, is the way I talk about bands and musicians. My honesty toward music bothers some folks. They don’t like me exposing bands publicly for their bad behaviors or they think I am talking too negative about music. I don’t see how I am negative in music. I just tell the truth as I see it. Simple as that.

Another reason is my music. Some out there think I am a bad songwriter, so they want to feel big and tough by bashing musicians who think is bad. Even though I would like it if people would like my music more, I really don’t do music to please everyone. I do it to please myself.

Another reason is my appearance and the way I look. Some mistakenly believe that I am mentally challenged or retarded, but I can assure you that is not what I am. I may have problems physically but NOT mentally.

I am sure there are tons more reasons, but those few are the big ones, I can think of at the top of my head. I know haters will never be aplogetic to me and I know they will never have a change of heart. I don’t blog or play music to be liked or disliked. I do enjoy people, who support me, don’t get me wrong but I sometimes lose supporters who quickly hate me, all of a sudden.

I hate using this blog to defend myself or explaining myself, but I blog to tell the truth about things, and nothing is stopping me no matter how many don’t like it.


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