In between songs…how long is too long???

With my previous topic on “Speaking in between songs”, this topic is about, how much time should you spend in between songs? Often, I’ll see a lot of bands and acoustic solo artists waste so much time in between songs. Taking so long to play the next tune. What do they do in between songs that’s taking them so long to play the next one? Either chatting it up with their band mates, wasting a lot of time tuning the instrument, some would even go have a smoke break outside or have a quick drink, telling a long story to the crowd through the mic, etc. Crazy things like that.

Spending  way too much time in between a song. The most appropriate time you should take a break in between a song is about 10-20 seconds or little more. I understand that gigs can sometimes be tough, you need your singing voice a little rest and your hands a little rest in between songs, but don’t take too long.

If you have a song that is in a different alternate tuning, this is why you should have more than one guitar at a gig. Tune the other guitar that the song needed to be in a certain tuning, that way you can quickly switch guitars without wasting so much time tuning. Bands would spend too much time tuning between a song, it’s crazy. The fact is, that spending way too much time in between a song, is pretty unprofessional. It’ll bore the audience, it could put them to sleep and some could walk away from your set. If you need a smoke break or a quick beer, wait until after the gig and not during.

In my gigs, I try not to spend so much time in between songs if you’ve seen me. Most of my original songs are in standard tuning anyway. Sometimes, I’ll use the drop D in a few of my songs, but I don’t mess with alternate tunings that much. In between a song, I’ll talk for a little bit and then I’m off playing the next song right away. You don’t ever want to keep the audience waiting for the next song. They are there to hear music, not silence.


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