Report: Aaron Sorkin will write and direct “Steve Jobs” biopic movie…

Aaron Sorkin, the writer of such movies as, “The Social Network”, and “Moneyball” is hired to write and direct, the biopic for Apple founder, Steve Jobs, for SONY. While Aaron wrote many films over the years, this makes his directorial debut. He never directed his own film before. Even though Aaron Sorkin himself, is no fan of the internet, he still seems to write about this technology stuff for whatever weird reason.

It’s going to be interesting to see who they’re going to get to play, Steve Jobs for the movie. What big name actor do you think resembles Steve? I think Billy Bob Thornton might be a good choice. Kevin Costner maybe? Daniel Day-Lewis? Brad Pitt? Clooney?

They would need a younger actor to play the young, Steve Jobs, too.

I haven’t read the Steve Jobs biography book yet, and that’s probably what the movie is going to be adapted from, wouldn’t surprise me.

More on the story, here.


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