Support from other musicians, do they really support you or not???

It’s really hard to tell whether other musicians support you or not. The internet today, has always been a huge thing for unsigned and indie musicians, where they go online to support each other. When you want to be part of a music scene, there’s going to be a lot of flip flopping, backstabbing and drama going around. You will also get a lot of musicians pretending to like you when, they don’t really. You’ll learn all this stuff soon enough. I’ve tried to be supportive of other musicians the best I can. I’ve been nothing but supportive of everyone, best as possible. You’ve seen it too. Sometimes you’re not going to get support from them in return ’cause a lot of musicians have this self importance attitude, that  a lot of them think they’re so talented that they believe you don’t deserve to get supported by them. I’ve tried to support musicians as best as possible but I’ve got nothing but hate, disrespect by some of them in return. I still seem to be dealing with this stuff to this day, but that’s okay. You will get musicians as haters too.

Why is it that I’m so bad on the internet? Maybe some of my blog postings have offended some musicians and struck a nerve with some of them, by my rants, but oh well. I don’t care if other musicians don’t like how I post online. I’m a guy who is a realist, who is not afraid to tell the truth about things. My rants may get a negative reaction but that’s what I want. I think it’s better being real and honest about things, instead of being a fake and a liar like so many musicians are these days.

Musicians are crazy, a lot of them can be pretty self centered people. If they’re gonna be self centered, then that’s how I’m going to be too. I think I’m done using this site to support local music. From this point on, this site will be about me, my music and my usual entertainment news blogging. That’s the way to be. You need to be tough and not let other musicians think they are better than you, out of jealousy and ego. Fuck the haters & doubters, ya know? You only concentrate on you and your music. If you want to keep going in your music, you shouldn’t care if you’re liked or hated by anyone.

I do appreciate the support by people who stuck with me though, don’t get me wrong. You’ll get true support by people, when they stick with you, no matter what happens. They’ll have your back and support you all the way through. That’s how you’ll know when you have the true supporters.

I’m going to have the Robin Gibb obit up later today for sure. I’m late on those obits ’cause they take a lot of time and research to do.


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