Cool Video: Why Zack Snyder and crew are quiet about details of “Man of Steel” movie…

At the L.A. Times “Hero Complex” convention event over the weekend, Zack Snyder the director of “Man of Steel”, the new Superman movie appeared on stage to have a live chat with “Walking Dead” creator, Robert Kirkman. While they talked a lot about zombies and comics, Robert, kept bugging Zack about details for “Man of Steel”. As you can see in this live interview, Zack was tight lipped about “Superman” plot points throughout the whole thing.

There are plenty of fan discussions on the internet being disappointed on Zack being silent on, “Man of Steel”. Why is Zack being so secretive of the new Superman movie? Well, it’s a Christopher Nolan movie. Nolan is the mentor and producer of the film. Nolan loves to keep all of his movies secretive. When Nolan did the Batman movies and “Inception”, he was secretive on all those movies but once in a while, he will release a photo or a little teaser to get feedback or hype up the movie.

I remember a while back, Hans Zimmer, explained why Nolan is secretive on his movies, read about it, here.

I agree with what Nolan is doing. Why spoil the surprises and excitement before the movie comes out? Nolan is doing a good job keeping spoilers private as best as possible. These days, every Hollywood movie wants to reveal everything before the film comes out. Nolan is one of the very few who doesn’t like to reveal everything. He’s definitely one of those, “Wait until the movie comes out”, type.

I’m sure Zack would love to talk about the plot details and everything else in “Man of Steel”, but he can’t. I’m sure he had to sign some kind of agreement paperwork that he’s not allowed to talk about anything outside the studio. If Zack did start talking about stuff about the movie, that could get him fired or sued.

Enjoy the interview below.



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