Why twitter sucks, I think I’m done with that site for good…

Twitter is fucking boring, and I’m about to explain why. I think I’m going to get into my account soon and deactivate it for good this time. It’s just a shit social networking site where too many people living in delusional fantasy worlds. I think that’s the main reason. Plus, nobody pays attention to you in that site even if you think people are. You won’t be a popular twitter user unless you’re a famous celebrity with a verified account. I think it’s the celebrities is why I am giving up twitter. The celebrities are really bad at using the site. Worse than anybody. I used to go on there to read celeb tweets for laughs. Everyone will think celebrities are so cool and like god or something, but when you read celebrity tweets, you’ll see that they are nothing but a bunch of losers.

As for people who are not celebrities like me, you’re never going to become one because you have a twitter account, so get over yourselves. Twitter is not a good promoting tool for your projects. Twitter is garbage, pure and simple.


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