RIP: Ray Bradbury 1920 – 2012

Whether you’re a science fiction reader or not, I’m pretty sure you might have read a book by Ray Bradbury. Ray Bradbury have been a part of everyone’s lives. I’m sure you’ve read at least one book or two in English class out loud with your teacher. I’m sure you’ve seen some of his movies adapted from his books. Ray Bradbury is not just a science fiction writer. He also wrote: horror, fantasy, and mystery. He is most famous for, “Fahrenheit 451”, “The Martian Chronicles”, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, and “The Illustrated Man”.

Bradbury was born in and grew up in Waukegan, Illinois. He was a reader and writer pretty much his whole life. His work over the years were inspired by his favorite authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. He was inspired to write science fiction by the Flash Gordon and Buck Rodgers characters, then he began writing short science fiction stories in 1938 for fanzines. Bradbury’s first published story was titled, “Pendulum”, which was published for “Super Science Stories” in November of 1941. Ray Bradbury only wrote 11 novels over the years, but he published plenty of short stories more than his novels. His work was a huge influence in Hollywood film, as there were plenty of movies adapted from his work. Bradbury’s work continues to inspire people to this day.

Ray Bradbury, died in Los Angeles, California, he was 91 years old.


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