Stephen King’s new upcoming novel, “Joyland”, sounds really good…

Some of you may know that I’m a really big Stephen King fan. I’m pretty much a die-hard fanatic, as a matter of fact. I’ve collected most of his books on hardcover over the years. Today at a book sale at the Public Library in Greenwich, I bought, “The Talisman” and “Misery” on hardcover to add to my growing collection. I love Stephen King’s work. He’s been such a huge inspiration to me my whole life, and have been reading his books ever since I was a kid.

King has another new book coming out, called, “Joyland”, and it’s not coming out until June of 2013.

Read the plot and details about the book, here.

Before I became a musician, I originally was a fiction writer myself. I gave it up, ’cause I thought I was no good at it. So since I started playing music back then, I thought it was pretty cool to tell fiction stories in song instead. Fiction writing was something I did back in high school.

I still have dreams in writing a novel someday though.


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