Brock’s been falling in love with a new music artist… Sharon Van Etten…

I don’t have any of her albums yet, but I plan on buying her 3 albums from Itunes soon. She’s an independent artist named, Sharon Van Etten, who is a New York City native. I came across her music by accident and fell in love with her tunes. Her music really blows my mind and gives me goosebumps. Beautiful songwriter. She actually has 5 albums, but her first two albums, I believe, she released herself without a label, then she got signed, independently. Her and the band just played Lolapalooza yesterday afternoon and I caught some of her set live youtube stream. She’s an intense performer too. She’s confident and plays with heart. She’s getting popularity pretty quick, and I hope she stays right in the indie market. An excellent artist like her doesn’t need to be signed under a major label. I’m not into today’s singer/songwriter stuff that much, but Sharon’s music is very good. She’s a phenomenal songwriter and I would like to get my chance to see her live. Check her out yourself in the videos below.

She’s got mostly male fans, which is cool. Something about her music that draws men toward her. I’m gonna get her music for my Ipod soon.


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