Cool Video: Neil Young & Crazy Horse stomping on stage…

They did something similar during their performance at Central Park over the weekend. Stomping on the stage to make this loud crashing sound. How are they doing this? Well if you notice on the metal floor (not sure what it’s actually called) on the stage, that’s what they’re stomping on. I’m sure they put a bunch of small mics underneath those metal things on the stage to make the stomping loud enough through the speakers. They had that similar metal floor thing on the stage at Central Park and I’m sure they have that on all the Crazy Horse show tours. That’s how they end the song “Walk Like a Giant” on stage so they can make it sound like an actual Giant walking on Earth.

That’s one thing I love about Neil Young & Crazy Horse, they always put on unique and crazy shows. They’re very creative live performers. I wish they would get respected more for this. They’re so underrated. I’m dying to see Neil Young & Crazy Horse in concert myself, if they made a stop around here, I would go!

I’m looking forward to their new album, “Psychedellic Pill” too as you betcha, I will buy it.


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