So is it okay to think that it’s wrong for middle aged women to be sexy, yet it’s alright for older men to be half naked? Absolutely!

The argument was, since I criticized Madonna for stripping on stage in her 50’s, sure enough, some clown had to come in here to criticize me about Arnold and Sly. This reader tried to make the argument about, since I say it’s wrong for middle aged women to be stripping and getting naked, he says he thinks it’s funny that I think it’s okay for Arnold and Sly to show off their bodies, when they’re much older. Anybody who says that, deserves a good slap across the face.

Like I said before in the other post, there’s a big difference between men and women. When Madonna was younger back then, it was okay for her to strip on stage all she wants to. Why? Because when women are young, that’s what people like to see. They don’t mind seeing that. However, when a woman is in her 50’s or older, stripping down to her bra and panties and doing all kinds of sexual acts on stage, what is wrong with that picture??? There are plenty of pop stars from the past who has done similar things like Madonna, but as they get older, they don’t do the sexual stuff anymore ’cause of their age. Yet, Madonna still sees herself as this sex symbol. She doesn’t have a sexy body anymore like she once had. Her skin looks awful now. Her body looks flabby and you can tell that she’s aging.

When men go shirtless or strip down to their underwear, that’s perfectly normal. Men do this stuff ’cause they aren’t trying to be sexy or to show off, ’cause it’s a pretty normal thing for men to do. Do you see the point? Men can do this stuff all they want to at any age. It’s different for women though, think about it. No women hating here. Just being realistic.

Would you want to see a 50 or 60 year old women pole dancing wearing nothing but lingerie?

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE hot and sexy women doing sexual things, but it depends on the age. My age preference would be women around her 20’s – 40’s or a little older. Any older than that, no thanks.

You can’t compare both men and women, when they want to show off. Age doesn’t matter with the men, but with the women it does.