Report: Howard K. Stern’s acquittal on the Anna Nicole case, overturned!!!

I remember being very disapponted that Howard K. Stern, was acquitted to control Anna Nicole Smith, into using drugs that would lead to her death, back in 2007. A lot of people would like to blame Anna Nicole, that she brought her death upon herself, that she was a trainwreck, and an addict, but it is possible that someone can manipulate someone else to become an addict to prescription drugs. Get with it people. That son of a bitch, Howard K. Stern, murdered Anna Nicole and got away with it. Hope they do the right thing and put that asshole away for life! Justice for Anna Nicole!

TMZ, reports.

I’m a fan of Anna Nicole. Yes, she was a plastic blonde barbie doll, like all the others, but I admired and respected her legacy with, Playboy. She was a great supermodel. I respected her for that, not for her reality show.



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