The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #24: An American Werewolf In London

Time to put another classic in here! “An American Werewolf In London”, probably the best werewolf movie ever made, in my opinion. The film was written and directed by, John Landis. It’s a mix of horror, comedy, and a love story. The film is about two American men who tour in Britain, they were attacked by a werewolf, and the local people refuses to believe that such a thing exists. Of course, one of the men, David, gets turned into a werewolf himself. This movie can be funny and scary both at the same time. Some of the movie can get disturbing though, if you’re watching it for the first time. It’s another classic, I’ll never get bored of watching. Especially that classic scene where you get to witness David turning into a werewolf in his living room. I believe this film is Netflix streamable as well. So if you’re one of those who had never seen it before, you should check it out.


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