I never saw music as a career. I saw music as a way of life for me…

I really believe that certain bands & musicians take themselves way too serious with the music thing. I understand that bands that want to get heard by as much people as possible and get themselves out there, but to me, I never really cared. I never really cared about the “rock star” thing ’cause there’s no such thing when you’re just a local musician, ya know? Bands are spending thousands of dollars on albums, studio time, expensive music video production, merchandise, etc. Crazy, I tell ya. They want to make themselves look great with all that promotional material. I could do all that with my own music, sure, but being a local musician, you don’t really need to. All that rock star stuff is great, don’t get me wrong, but the point is, if you want to get yourself out there, all you need is just you and your instrument. That’s pretty much it. You can still get a decent following and get some popularity with your music even without all that stuff. Even if you don’t get popularity or the recognition, you want. Who cares, right?

Music is a way of life. Playing guitar and writing songs helps me become a better person I am today. It helps me get through the good times and bad times, in life. Music makes me happier and is a good stress reliever. Music should not be about whether other people like your stuff or hate it. It’s all about you. You have to believe in yourself as a musician. I don’t need to make albums and go on lengthy tours. I don’t really need to be signed to some stupid label.

Just enjoy the love of music. That’s it. That’s the biggest reason I do this for, is because I love music whether listening to it or playing my own music. I just write songs or play gigs when ever I want to. I play gigs sometimes ’cause I love performing in front of an audience. Music should be about the passion and not being at the center of everyone’s attention. Of course, people don’t look at music that way anymore.

I could have a big music career if I wanted, but I don’t care to. If I get asked to sign for a big label, I would probably turn it down. Not really my thing, ya know? Music is a good pass timer, and helps keep me busy. I don’t really do much in my life, and pretty much the only thing I do, is play guitar. I don’t feel ashamed of it, either. Music is what keeps me alive and strong. The delusions of musicians can get pretty crazy. A lot of them want to think they’re so great and something special. I never had that kind of attitude. Just enjoy yourself.

As far as songwriting goes, I have been messing around with stuff on guitar, but haven’t started writing new lyrics yet. Gonna soon. I promise new songs will be coming. Sorry for the delay on those.



4 thoughts on “I never saw music as a career. I saw music as a way of life for me…”

  1. One of the reasons bands sell merch is that it pays the bills. We have to pay for our rehearsal space, our gear, etc. Local bands (and most smaller label national acts) make virtually nothing at shows, so you need to make it up somehow. Selling merch is basically the only way to do that.

    1. That’s cool. Understandable. Nothing wrong with bands selling merch, ’cause I agree it’s a money making opportunity and it’s a good way to get the word out, but I don’t really need to have merch. The only merch I would have would probably be CD’s if I were to start making professionally made albums which I hope to start doing someday whenever I can afford it. I will make real albums someday though.


      1. As for professionally made music videos, some of you already know my feelings against them. If I can explain again, I just find music videos silly and most of ’em are badly done anyway. It feels like a movie or a musical or something. Having an acting show and then you start singing all of a sudden. I find it silly that videos have singers in public places lip syncing to the audio track. I could try to do a music video myself if I wanted, but I would feel uncomfortable seeing myself like that. I don’t see how bands get into it.


  2. ” I never really cared. I never really cared about the “rock star” thing ’cause there’s no such thing when you’re just a local musician, ya know? ”

    Well my “local musicians” happened to be Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath. They didn’t do too bad! 😉

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